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Buying a new mac – will the Windows partition migrate to new computer?

I am buying a new iMac and am wondering will the migration assistant move over the Windows drive for me as well?
Kevin Durr

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    10 years ago

    No. Migration Assistant works between Macs.
    But did you know that Apple will move your files for you for free? Buy your Mac at the Apple Store and ask them about it. They have this free service where they move everything over for you.

    10 years ago

    I should have been more clear on the question, sorry. I already have a mac with a boot camp partition. I want to upgrade my iMac to a newer model and want to know if I connect it with the Ethernet cable when I set it up: will it transfer over my boot camp partition?

      10 years ago

      Oh, sorry. That’s a completely different question.
      Migration Assistant won’t help you move Windows files or accounts.
      I’m not sure what you would do. Probably back up all of your Windows documents. Then re-install Windows on the new Mac from the original discs using Boot Camp Assistant. Then re-install Windows programs. Then transfer your files.
      Maybe there is something on the Windows side like Migration Assistant? I don’t know. But if there is you might be able to use it.

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