Forum Question: Calibre mixing up words

Gary I am so glad you talked about calibre! I have been trying it with magazines I’ve downloaded. Also PDF documents,also with Macworld super guides that I have purchased and downloaded,some words are missing or jumbled,you read one line and the next line doesn’t match,or it just has a number under it,the sequence of sentences doesn’t make sense! I’ve tried it so many different times and with different PDFs, I am getting frustrated,please help, I did put them in good reader but it’s not the same as reading them in the iPad book reader.
I also can’t wait for your new iPad book to come out!
Please also make it in epub form

— Viki

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    5/7/10 @ 2:03 pm

    My guess is that Calibre is reading the words in the right order from the PDF, but since PDFs can lay out words in any order at all, that this doesn’t match the physical order of the words. In other words, the layout of the PDF isn’t straight-forward, so Calibre can’t figure out what goes first. In some cases, text may actually be images, not text.
    For these kinds of PDFs, you are just going to have to use GoodReader or something like it. They will look much better there anyway.

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