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Can a Router Be Used From an iPad Using Tethering?

I use Personal Hotspot on an iPad Air 2 (iOS 13.3) to tether an iMac(Os 10.15.6). Can I connect an Apple Airport(last model) or any other 802.11ac router to the iPad to extend the range and avoid persistent dropping of the connection when the iPad changes location?
larry jaeger

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    3 years ago

    Do you mean with a cable? So you attach your iPad to your router using a cable rather than Wi-Fi? I can't see that being a good solution because you'd need to be close to the Wi-Fi router for it to work, logistically I mean. Unless you want a long cable snaking through your house. If you are that close, then you should have a fine Wi-Fi connection, right?

    There is such a thing as an iPad lighting to ethernet adapter if you search for it. Apple has one for sale even ( That's not the same, technically, as tethering, but it does get you a real wired network connection, as long as you have a port open on your hub for it.

    So is the problem that you are not getting a good Wi-Fi signal at all, even when close to the Wi-Fi hub? Or, is it when you are far away? Maybe consider getting a Mesh Wi-Fi system to replace the old AirPort Extreme if that is the case. Google Nest or Eero or something like that.

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