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Can I Backup a SD Card With Time Machine?

Can I backup a SD card (Transend 130 Jetdrive light) with time machine? In the window where you can exclude files on time machine, the SD card is shown, but I cannot select it to be removed from the list. Is there a way around this?

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    2 years ago

    So this card is permanently attached to the computer? It isn’t used to transport files?

    My guess is that the card is not formatted for Mac. Instead, it is probably formatted FAT or something else. You can use it, but for it to work with Time Machine it it needs to be HFS or APFS. I’d use HFS.

    If you don’t have anything on the card yet, or can easily move the files elsewhere to erase the card, then try that.

    Of course if the card needs to be set to a special format to connect to another device, like a camera, then there’s no way to do it as that device likely cannot use Apple’s file systems.

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