Forum Question: Can I buy car charger for my macbook Pro Laptop anywhere?

I have been looking everywhere for a charger for my Macbook that will run off the cigarette port. I was rather surprised the Apple store did not sell one. Thanks!
Bonnie Sweeney

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    5/21/11 @ 9:03 am

    Absolutely. If you search Amazon for “magsafe car adapter” you immediately come up with several. I’m assuming you have a fairly recent MacBook Pro with the magsafe adapter (rectangular connector that magnetically snaps into place).
    A better option might be to forget about buying something specific to a single decide and buy a simple power inverter so you can plug your regular MacBook Pro adapter into it. You can find these in stores like Walmart and such. Just make sure you get one that is rated for more watts/amps than your magsafe adapter (look on the adapter to see). It is easy to find one that does, but sometimes stores will sell weak ones alongside the better ones and it is easy to grab the weak one if you don’t check.
    The advantage of getting a car power inverter is that then you can plug in other devices. Like your phone charger. Some even come with USB ports now so you can charge an iPod or iPhone with just the dock cable.

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