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Can I Bypass Mojave and Go Straight From High Sierra To Catalina?

I actually have two questions:

1- Can I bypass Mojave and go straight from High Sierra to Catalina?

2- I have a frequently-used app (Tex-Edit Plus, NOT the same as Apple’s TextEdit) that is 32-bit. The developer says he has NO plans to convert it to 64-bit, so can I upgrade to Catalina’s 64-bit structure but still use the 32-bit app and access the thousands of files I’ve made with that app?

Thanks, I appreciate your time.
Morey Chelsy

Comments: One Response to “Can I Bypass Mojave and Go Straight From High Sierra To Catalina?”

    2 years ago

    Yes. If your Mac can run Catalina, you don’t have to upgrade in steps.
    Once you upgrade to Catalina, you cannot run ANY 32-bit apps. So you will not be able to run that one you mentioned.
    Does it create just text files or rtf or rtfd files? If so, those are standard format. You can use the real TextEdit app to edit those, or one of dozens of good text editor apps that are supported by their developers. If the developer has abandoned the app, then is is probably a good idea to move on as soon as you can.

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