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Can I Caption Photos In Photo and Then Use the Captions In a Slideshow?

I am still using iPhoto because I want to have the ability to batch caption photos and then move the photos with the caption to a slide show. Is there any way this can be done in Photos or is there another app available that will do this.
Barbara Hooper

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    6 years ago

    So you can add titles to multiple photos at the same time in Photos. Al you need to do is to select the photos, then use Window, Info (Command+i) to get info on all of the photos. You will only see one info window and it will read "X Photos" at the top. You can then set the title for all of those photos in that info window all at once.
    Slideshows in Photos is pretty simple. You choose File, Create Slideshow with some photos selected, and then name it.
    The first photo has a text caption that matches the name of the slideshow. But you can select the text and change it to whatever you want. The other images don't have text by default, but you can select them and use the + button to add text.
    Not sure what you are looking for beyond that. You can also use Keynote and iMovie to create slideshows and each have different capabilities.
    I suppose if you need to create slideshows with hundreds of photos on a regular basis for work, then using iPhoto for this may be an option, but it is still outdated and unsupported software, so I would consider using Photos for most things and temporarily using iPhoto when you need to make a quick slideshow. But in the long run you'll need to find another app.
    If you only need to create small or normal slideshows occasionally, then I would learn the new way to do it in Photos, or use Keynote or iMovie.

    Barbara Hooper
    6 years ago

    Thanks. At least I now know how to title multiple pictures in Photo. Beyond that I wish I could keep the titleIs with the pics if I make a slide show in Photos. We travel a bit and I make slide shows with 500-600 pics and it was so easy in iPhoto. I still use iPhoto because of this, but know I should switch. This is the first updated Apple app in my 30 plus years as a Mac user that I can't switch to!

    Barbara Hooper
    6 years ago

    If there are others out there that miss the ability (that is in iPhoto) to caption a photo (or batch title photos) and have the caption show up on the photo in a slide show, be sure to let Apple know. The more requests they get the more likely it is that they will make this feature available in Photos.

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