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Can I Caption Photos So the Captions Will Show In a Slide Show?

In iPhoto I can caption photos and the captions will show if I put the photo in a slide show. Can I do that in Photos? If yes, how?
Barbara Hooper

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    4 years ago

    Not in Photos, no. The Slideshow feature is meant to be very simple and quick to use. But you can certainly do it with other software on your Mac. For instance, you can easily select a set of photos, switch to iMovie, start a new movie project and paste the photos into the timeline. Then just drag and drop Lower Third titles to each photo and type whatever you want there.
    It isn’t as easy as you would probably like. But it is very flexible and customizable as you can now use any type of title, put any text you want, skip text, extend slides, use Ken Burns effect, transitions, etc. So it is not simple but very powerful.
    I just tried it and I was able to make a 10-picture slideshow with titles in a few minutes.

    robert sigafoos
    4 years ago

    Also, create titles in Preview app and then add to Photos app. Preview is not as flexible as Photoshop or Paint but works real good for me.

    Jonathan Menes
    4 years ago

    Iphoto was bad enough with the lack of captioning, but Photos was even worse. Discontinuing the group labeling of photos was a major loss. Why is Apple so uninterested in supporting photographers?Some of us do actually take pictures with cameras, not phones, and transfer them to our MACs.

    4 years ago

    wouldn’t the new markup tools work for this? putting the pic in a note and doing whatever you want with it there altho i haven’t tested this it should work – also as mentioned preview has markup tools as well for typing with whatever font size color etc doesn’t it – again haven’t tested but think I’ve used it for various forms and open photos in it all the time – I use various programs that also act as photo editors and watermark tools – that is why I haven’t tested my thoughts above

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