Forum Question: Can I Change the Mouse Pointer In OS X?

I am using Lion, and in the system preferences pane I do not see the option to change the mouse pointers. Is there a way to do this anymore? Thanks :)

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    9/9/12 @ 9:02 pm

    Do you mean the cursor? From an arrow to something else? I don’t think there is anything on any recent version of OS X to let you change that — and it would be tough because the cursor changes in different situations. There is an arrow cursor, a finger cursor, a text cursor, add-ons for copying vs. moving, alias creation, etc.
    If you are looking to change the size of the cursor, you can do that in Accessibility System Preferences in Mountain Lion (I think it was Universal Access in Lion). But that’s just the size.
    There are some third-party apps that let you change the cursors if you really want to. But outside of recording screencasts, I don’t recommend using them. They don’t really serve any purpose that I can think of.

    9/9/12 @ 11:05 pm

    Thanks for the response, yes I did mean the cursor. I was hoping to be able to change it to something other than the arrow, but I understand what you mean about it being difficult since the cursor changes depending on situations. Thanks again :)

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