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Can I Change the Tempo And/or Key Of an Audio File In GarageBand?

I would like to change the tempo (speed) of a karaoke track for my daughter’s talent show accompaniment. That might affect the key of the song so I would also like to know if I can raise it to match her range and make it sound “in tune.”
I am working on an iMac, OS Lion 10.7.5, GarageBand 3.0.5 (104.10).
Thank you!

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    7 years ago

    The way to change the tempo is to first lock the Tempo & Pitch of the track, and then increase the tempo of the whole song.
    Double-click on the track and you should see the audio region settings appear at the bottom left. Then turn on “Follow Tempo & Pitch.”
    Now go to the LCD display the bottom center. Switch that to “Project” mode. Then click and drag the tempo up to speed up the whole song.
    This will speed it up (or slow it down) but it won’t change the pitch.
    To change the pitch, you need to select the track and then click the i button at the bottom right. Go to “Edit” and then click on one of the empty filter spots. Then add the AUPitch filter. Double-click it and you can adjust the pitch. It is a complex control, so experiment a bit to get what you want.

      7 years ago

      I have highlighted the track but the Follow Tempo & Pitch checkbox is not enabled. I wonder if this is because it’s a file chosen out of iTunes?

        7 years ago

        That shouldn’t make a difference. But try this: Control+Option+G. Then select the track again.

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