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Can I Convert a MP4 Video File To UDF On Mac?

I edited video in iMovie in El Capitan and burned it to a DVD but the DVD will not play on my friend’s TV DVD player . The DVD player will support UDF format. I have Wondershare converter software but it does not have UDF capability,so I need a way to convert to UDF.


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    4 years ago

    Your first option would probably be to abandon DVDs altogether. Why do you need to create a DVD that plays in your friend’s DVD player? Why not just create a high definition video and share it online (YouTube) or give a file to your friend?
    Next, I would investigate why the DVD you created didn’t play in your friend’s DVD player. DVD format is pretty standard, so a video DVD created on your Mac should play on any DVD player. I’m not familiar with “Wondershare” but perhaps you created a data DVD (a computer-formatted DVD with files on it, in this case your video file) instead of a video DVD (a DVD formatted to play on DVD players). I would look at your Wondershare app closely to see if this is the case.
    Investigating UDF, it seems that it is this kind of DVD — a data DVD, not a video DVD. I would think that if your friend’s DVD player supports UDF, that is also requires that you put files on the UDF that are a certain format. You’d need to investigate further, perhaps reading the documentation for that specific DVD player. You probably are much better off making a video DVD instead of a data DVD — I’m thinking now that this really is your problem, that you have created a data DVD with Wondershare instead of a video DVD.
    I really think the solution here is to skip DVDs altogether and find a way to share a video file or online version of your video with your friend.

    4 years ago

    I agree with the “You Tube” idea , but my friend is a 97 year old former high school coach that has a TV set and a DVD player ,but doesn’t have or want to have a computer. The DVD played with QuickTime on my iMac. Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to have your advice available. Gene

    4 years ago

    Gene: If the DVD “played” with QuickTime (not DVD player) then you definitely made a data DVD that had a video file on it, not a video DVD that will play in a DVD player. Look at that software you have to see if it can create a video DVD. Or, look at getting video DVD creation software and make a real video DVD that will play in DVD players.

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