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Can I Create a Drop-down Menu In Numbers Where the Entries Are Updated?

I have a spreadsheet in Numbers where I enter my invoices, track their sending status and payment status. I assign a client and a specific job description to every invoice entry. However, the client list changes. I wanted to create a drop-down menu that will include all the clients I enter in a table somewhere separate. The drop down menus get updated every time I update the table with the client list. Is it possible?
Marian Cuprik

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    2 years ago

    No. The Pop-Up Menu format for cells takes a specific list and doesn’t allow you to pull from a source.

    What helps, for me at least, is the Suggestions feature for Numbers. Once you use a value in a cell in a column, then when you start typing in another cell in that column you get suggestions based on the previous entries. So if I have a column With Apple, Orange, Peach in the first three cells, then I start by typing “A” in the fourth cell, I see a suggestion for Apple appear.

    The nice thing about Suggestions is that there is no separate table for you to maintain. The second time you use that client’s name, you’ll see the suggestion.

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