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Can I Create Static Tab Groups In Safari That Open To the Same Pages Every Time?

Hi Gary! I thought I would really like the new Safari Tab Groups functionality. I like grouping news sites I subscribe to like National News, Local News, Industry News, etc. I thought tab groups would perfectly work for this scenario. However what I find is when I bring the tab group up and read the daily news, if I click on a link or close a tab, the next time I bring that tab group up it brings me up right where I left off instead of to the original tab group news homepage as I’d prefer. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this simply how tab groups work?

I want tab groups to work because I can separate and ingest different categories of news feeds. It would seem to me that this is an exact scenario that tab groups were meant to support. But if they are dynamic in that they will simply pick up where I left off, they have very limited functionality as I need to then go back to the home page of that web feed. My Work around is I developed a “News” bookmark group and set Safari to start with that bookmark group. It opens more than I care for (All National, Local, and Industry News tabs), but it is better than the ‘dynamic tab groups’ that change every time I click on a link in an open tab group.

Device: Mac Running Monterey

App: Safari
Chad Makovsky

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    2 years ago

    If you navigate to another page in a tab, it will stay on that page. It won't automatically go back to a previous page. I can't know that is what you want to do.

    Tab groups are just ways to have, say, 5 groups of 5 tabs each instead of a long list of 25 tabs. They aren't bookmarks. This definitely is not the "scenario" that tab groups were meant to support.

    One way you can kinda get what you want is to create a folder of bookmarks, put that folder in the Favorites folder. Then turn on the Favorites bar. Now you can click on that folder in the Favorites bar and select Open In New Tabs. That doesn't replace the tabs you have, but it is the closest thing I can think of to what you want.

    Another thing you can do is to simply never leave these pages that are important to you. This is what I do. Instead of clicking on a news link, command+click it to open it up in a new tab. Then close that tab when you are done reading. So the original page is never closed.

    2 years ago

    Hi, I came here and found this page as I too have found the Tab Groups to be of limited use and wondered if there is anything coming or a better way of working? I can see how favourites could work but they are not quite the same.

    2 years ago

    Ian: What are you looking for, specifically? You've got tabs, tab groups, bookmarks, reading list, favorites bar, start page ... so many options. So what is it you are trying to DO?

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