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Can I Disable “Playing Next” In the Catalina “Music” App – Forever?

As soon as I click a piece of music to play, the “Playing Next” field fills up with random tracks and at the end of the one I selected one of the random tracks starts to play. Annoying – I know what I want to hear, and to remember the five clicks and a scroll each time to empty that “Playing Next” field is a drag. Can’t find a remedy, not in prefs or elsewhere. Anyone? Thanks!
Lorenz Rychner

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    2 years ago

    So all that is happening there is that when you start playin a song in a playlist or album, it starts that song and will continue to play the rest of the playlist or album. The Playing Next list is just showing you that fact.

    If you just ignore it, and instead choose another song to play at any time, it will start playing that and then continue on to the next song in that playlist or album.

    So you can just ignore the Playing Next list if you like.

    Another option is to click on the three dots, or Control+click, or in the Song menu choose Play Next. This just adds this one song to the Play Next list. If nothing is playing, you'll need click the Play button at the top of the window to start it, but otherwise it will play after the current song. It sounds like this may be more what you want.

    Lorenz Rychner
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. So the answer is a blunt NO then? No ifs or buts, I have to do any of these workarounds to stop another song to play if I just want to hear one and only one at a time? If I click song B while song A is still playing, song A stops and song B kicks in. If I do nothing (short of emptying the Next list - which is what I try to avoid having to do each time) some random song plays. If that's a Ligeti after a Rameau - a shock to the system. So, it's NO?

    2 years ago

    Lorenz: Shouldn't be "some random song" playing. It should be the next song in the album or playlist. Just use Play Next.

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