Forum Question: Can I Disassemble My MacBook Air for Cleaning Covered By AppleCare?

I bought my MacBook Air 6 months ago with an AppleCare Protection Plan as well.
I often lay my notebook on my bed when I’m using it, and now I’m worry about the fan stacking a lot of dust, so can I disassemble my MacBook Air covered by AppleCare?
Brandon Chung

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    1/8/12 @ 10:29 am

    I wouldn’t. If you are not experiencing any problems, then don’t take the drastic step of taking it apart.
    Yes, it may void your AppleCare. Lots of conflicting information on that. Sometimes the Apple techs seem to care if a device has been opened (beyond installing memory) and sometimes they do not. So it is a risk.
    But remember that computers, particularly Apple products are built with real use in mind. So you shouldn’t need to open it to remove dust. I would advise against it as there is a chance you could damage the insides, and if there is no current problem to fix, then why take that risk?

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    1/9/12 @ 9:03 am

    I am an expert in this field. My iMac has been sent away 5 times to fix a screen problem.The last time they had my computer was on 11/8/2011,and the fault is happening again has i am typing this out. I talked to a rep and a technician, on this topic,and they both said you are breaking the AppleCare plan if you do anything to it. It states that if you do this you would be breaking the AppleCare warranty.You have to phone Apple up and explain to them. Gary is quite right in what he say`s.

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