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Can I Enable a Disabled iPad?

my friend gave me an iPad that she bought at a garage sale. it is obviously disabled. is there any way to enable get it working? thanks

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    4 years ago

    It may be possible, depending on what is wrong with it. If the owner has used their Apple ID to lock the iPad, then it may be impossible. Or if the iPad is broken, then you are out of luck. But if it is simply a matter of not knowing the password and it is not disabled, then you may be able to reset it. Apple has instructions at

    4 years ago

    Hi and thanks....the ipad turns on, says it’s disabled and to try again in 23 million minutes....i don’t want to connect it to my personal computer (that’s having enough issues) is there any way to do anything else without connecting to my computer? Thanks

    4 years ago

    Estelle: If you have tried everything listed at that link, then you've got to try connecting it to your computer or taking it to the Apple Store.

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