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Can I Get Some Clarifications On Mail App Rules?

First of all, I’d like to THANK YOU for the macmost YouTube channel! I just purchased a iMac after being a PC user for 30+ years and just couldn’t stand Win10 and decided to finally make the change! Your YouTube channel has helped A LOT in setting up my new iMac. I’ve used iPads & iPhones for several years so I am a bit familiar with the system. But the desk top is a game changer! So far, I LOVE IT! Anyway…

I am trying to set up rules for Mac Mail. I am getting rid of all things google and wanted to set it up correctly the first time. I have many different categories (folders) I’d like email to be sorted into. For example, ‘family’. So I want all email from ‘family’ to go into a folder of its own. I am using to set up rules, per your suggestion (it just makes sense!). Now on the individual rules line where you designate name or email address is where my questions come in…

1) If I type in names that are in my contacts, does it “know” if there is more than one email address and will sort all email addresses? For example, my doctor’s office named ‘Doc’ in my contacts has 2 email addresses: and If I put the name of the contact ‘Doc’ in the rule line, will it sort both of those email addresses into my Health folder?

2) Can you add more than one name / email address per line? For example, with my ‘family’ can I enter all 10 specific names I want to add in ONE rule? Or must I do 10 rules?

I have searched the www over and cannot find answers to these specific questions.. I think I’ve watched all your videos regarding the subject matter as well…

I’m sure you received 1000s of questions and emails per day, but I sure do hope you take the time to answer this one… God Bless from a new fan! :)
Tracy Neal

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    3 years ago

    Yes, if you put any part of the email address, like "doc" or "" into the "is from" rule, then it will filter anything that matches. This is commonly used to filter all email from a company (like the one you work for, or a school) into a folder. But you can use it any way you want.

    You can't add more than one email address or part of an address to a rule. You would just add a second rule. So in your case you'd need to add a rule for each person in your family.


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