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Can I Insert Multiple Lines Using Text Replacement In Keyboard Prefs?

I want to insert my address using text replacement but I would like it to appear as an address would on a letterhead rather than as a single line. Is there a method to do it with one shortcut (eg: poadd)?
Tony Staples

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    3 years ago

    Yes. I can think of two ways to do it. The first is to simply type the text somewhere else, and copy and paste it into the “With” field in System Preferences.

    For instance, you could open a new TextEdit document. Then type your text into there. Then select it all, copy it. Then paste it instead of typing in System Preferences. This is probably the best method as you can see clearly what you are typing and edit it to get it perfect.

    The other method is to do this directly in System Preferences. Of course the problem is that when you press the Return key on the keyboard, the field accepts the text and you are done. You can’t type a second line. But quite often, and it is the case here, you can hold the Option key down and press Return to insert a new line in a way that doesn’t trigger the text entry to end. So type your first line, Option+Return, type your second line, etc.

    Tony Staples
    3 years ago

    Brilliant Gary. Thanks very much.

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