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Can I Install Airport Card In SE 2001 iMac G3?

I have a iMac G3 SE early 2001 Blue & White Dalmation. I want to install a airport card. Can this be done? And if so what do I need? And how do I do it?
Bruce Hazzard

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    10 years ago

    I think it is possible. That’s a pretty old model, but I think those had slots for Airport cards.
    The problem is that you’ll need to find the card that was made for that iMac. I don’t think that just any one will work. You need that specific model. Probably one of the very first cards. See this article as it may be of some help:
    One thing to consider is the fact that it may cost more to do this than the 2001 iMac is worth. The value of those things is pretty much at $0. I recycled a 2001 iMac (threw it away) a few years ago.
    Honestly — It may actually be easier to find another old iMac (maybe from 2003 or 2004) that already has a card in it for $50 or less.

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