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Can I Lock a Program To a Specific Desktop ?

I have been using 4 desktops each with an order and function that I find convenient. The first is for mail, the next two for browsing and computing, the last for I tunes. Is there a way to ” lock” these programs to their pages? When I need to reboot, they don’t stay with their desktop.
I wish I explained that better but I hope you get the idea.

Chuck Eisen

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    4 years ago

    Yes, you can “assign” an app to a desktop. You do this from the Dock icon. So go to the desktop with the app on it. Then Control+click on the app in the Dock. Choose Option, Assign To and then “This Desktop.” This should lock it to that desktop. If you quit the app, go to another desktop, and then launch the app again, you will be taken to the appropriate desktop and the app will launch.

    Chuck Eisen
    4 years ago

    Thanks ,that was fast.
    It’s so easy when you know how.

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