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Can I Reboot From Time Machine?

Can I do a cold reboot using Time-Machine only, as Super Duper does?

i.e. can I use TimeMachine to replace Super Duper for rebooting?

Using a MacPro – OX 10

Thanks, Joe R
Joe Renzetti

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    3 years ago

    You can’t. The feature you are talking about is to create a bootable clone of your internal hard drive. You can do that with cloning software, like Super Duper. But Time Machine is not cloning software, but backup software.

    A clone is an exact duplicate of your hard drive. Time Machine is saving all of you files, and all revisions of your files going back in time, as much as can fit on the drive. So with a clone you have exactly the same files you have now, but with Time Machine you have the currrent copy, a copy from an hour earlier, yesterday, last week, and so on. If you need to roll back a file or find something you deleted two days go, you can do that with Time Machine, but not a clone.

    If your internal drive has died or been replaced, and you have a Time Machine backup, all you need to do is to restore it using either recovery mode. This puts the OS back on the Machine. Then restore your files from Time Machine. The only advantage that a bootable clone has is it can get you temporarily running faster, but you will still need to restore your internal hard drive eventually.

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