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Can I Retrieve Sent Email From Defunct iPhone?

I had the new 4S for a few days on ATT but the ATT service here is so bad I just ported my number back to Verizon. I have to wait until Nov 11 or so for a new iPhone because Verizon is back-ordered on the 4S.
Meanwhile I have a business email that I answered in my iPhone’s email app. Since it’s a ‘sent’ email and I neglected to cc myself it’s just in the defunct phone which should soon be returned to ATT for a refund. I can’t keep the iPhone until 11/11.
I believe the ‘sent’ email I want will be in my backups but again, it’s a business email and I’d like to get this item resolved sooner than later.
Can you think of any way I might be able to print out this reply from the phone which, while it is still an awesome computer, no longer has a wireless connection?
Pam Bradford

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    11 years ago

    If you still have the phone you should just be able to look in your Mail and see it in your Sent email messages.
    If that doesn't work, how about online? If it is a modern email account you should be able to log on to the web interface and see your sent messages. Or, use another device (your computer) to look in the Sent messages folder. It would only be on old-fashioned POP email that the sent messages would only east locally.

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