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Can I Save a Photo On My iPad Some Place Other Than the Photos App?

Often I use photos to document personal things, such as serial #, or take pictures of things before I take them apart as reference. I do not want these to be in my photo library. I have tried “hiding” the photos, but they still show in the camera roll, which still seems to be the first place I go when looking at pics.
Is it possible to export the photos to another location so my photos in the app are really for what I want them to be, vacations, nature and family pics?

Thanks, Matt

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    4 years ago

    Yes. Like with most “how can I” questions about iOS, the solution is to get an app. In Photos, you can tap the action button (square with an up arrow) and share photos to other apps and actions. If you have any apps that can store photos, then they will appear here. ALso look for the “More” button and see if you have apps that will do this, but they haven’t been activated to interact with Photos yet.
    On my iPad, I see that Paper by 53, Evernote, and a variety of other note-taking and image editing apps appear. You can also search the App Store for “photo wallet” and “photo storage” and come up with some apps that do little else but store photos outside of the Photos app.
    Once you share the photo to an app you can then delete it from Photos.
    What I would recommend for your case is to use Notes. If you take a picture in the Notes app it will add it to the note but not put it in the Photos app. This works great for reference photos. You can fill a note with a few reference photos, and even add some text about the project in a single note. Then delete the note when you are done.

    4 years ago

    Glad you asked:

    My favorite is definitely Documents from the geniuses from Readdle (no I have no connection with them whatsoever).

    There you not only are free, what folder you might put the images in, but even might sync with other iOS or Macs.

    Have fun.

    4 years ago

    I use Goodreader in a similar fashion. What I like is the ability to create files and folder in the app for sorting later.

    4 years ago

    I just checked to confirm my post and realized Goodreader is not included as an option to save the photo. I use Goodreader a lot for other purposes and made my suggestion without checking. Mea culpa.

    4 years ago

    You can also use Dropbox, Evernote, or OneDrive for the same purpose.

    4 years ago

    You can access photos from within GoodReader, to view and import. You can also access network shares from AFS, SMB and others. Any type of file can be downloaded using GoodReader’s browser. It’s a versatile app.

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