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Can I Save From Finder To Desktop Other Than By Drag and Drop?

Is it possible to create a shortcut to save a file in Finder to the Desktop?

This would save me time, because the only way I know how to do this at the moment is by drag & drop, but I routinely have many apps open so that always means minimising or reducing the screen of other apps until enough Desktop space is exposed. Shortcuts app didn’t seem to have a way to create such a command from what I could see.
George Wilson

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like what you are really trying to do is MOVE a file from one folder to the Desktop folder. You don't "save" files in the Finder, as the Finder is where you manage files, not create them. You would create them in an app and then save them there.

    The first time you save a file, say in Pages, you can save it to the Desktop by using the left sidebar and clicking on the Desktop item there. Then you are on the Desktop and can save as you wish. You can also use Command+D to jump to the Desktop in the Save dialog.

    If the file is already saved and you are looking at it in the Finder, then you can just drag and drop it to the Desktop item in the left sidebar. That's still Drag and Drop, but you don't have the problem you described having to move windows around.

    You can also do it using the keyboard shortcut F11. Check in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Mission Control for Show Desktop and make sure it is F11 and make sure it is enabled. Then you can start dragging a file, and while dragging pass F11, and then drop the file on the Desktop. Then F11 again to bring the windows back. If F11 doesn't work, try FN+F11 (it depends on your FN key setting).

    Finally, a way to do it without drag and drop at all is to select the file. Then use Edit, Copy (Command+C). Then click on the Desktop item in the sidebar or use Command+D to move to the Desktop folder. Then use Edit, (Option Key), Move Item Here (Command+Option+V). Don't forget the Option key or it is a copy, not a move.

    george wilson
    2 years ago

    Many thanks Gary. A quick and comprehensive answer for me.

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