Forum Question: Can I Set a Chosen Font As Default Attribute In Keynote?

Selecting the font every time you type text in Keynote (latest) (or iPhoto come to that) is very frustrating. Is there a way to make the chosen font a default attribute throughout the Keynote slide show, or even in iPhoto (latest) – same problem.
Using Keynote for photo slide shows is amazing, thanks for the video showing how.
Gary, your video on how to download Apple Manual PDFs was just what thousands of users needed, including me. Thank you a huge bunch for that. Val
Val Irani

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    9/9/12 @ 8:24 am

    Thanks. What you want to do in this case is to edit your master slides. Choose View, Master Slides. then you’ll see your masters along with your presentation slides on the left. Edit the master slides for those that you use (or all of them). Changing the font or any aspect of a master slide will then mean that future additions of new slide types will use those new properties. It may even change your existing slides too.

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