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Can I Set a Default Font In Numbers?

When I import .csv files into Numbers they always open with a font of Helvetica Neue. This is the same as when I open a New Blank spreadsheet or Insert Table in Numbers. I would like to set a different default font. Is this possible?

The same problem applies to Pages.
Brenda Brooks

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    11 months ago

    Yes. The key is to think about templates. You can create templates and set the fonts, styles, starting tables and everything else you want.

    So, for instance, I started with a blank document and added a simple 3×10 table with no header columns or rows. I selected all and set the font to Courier New. Then I used File, Save As Template to save it as a template. I added it to the chooser with the name “Simple.”

    Now when you drag and drop a .csv to Numbers, it doesn’t want to bother you to ask you which template to use. So don’t do it that way. Instead, make a new document and select your template. Then drag and drop the .csv into the table in that document.

    You can eliminate a step by setting the default template in Number, Preferences, General. But this only works when you create a new document, not when you drag and drop a .csv to Numbers. So you have to use Command+N and then drag and drop into the table.

    Of course, you can also just quickly select all and change the font. That would be a better solution if you just need to do this occasionally.

    Brenda Brooks
    11 months ago

    Hi Gary, I decided to attack my problem from another direction and have created an AppleScript service for Numbers. It all works well except that I can figure out how to format the date how I want it. It defaults to 21/03/2018 and I want 21 Mar 2018 or dd mmm yyyy. I have included the format bit of my code below. I would appreciate any code pointers.
    set thisColumn to item 2 of theseColumns
    set the format of thisColumn to date and time

    11 months ago

    Brenda: I’m not sure what could be wrong with that. AppleScript just takes a lot of time, Googling and trial-and-error to get right. I don’t do much AppleScript anymore, preferring the more modern JXA (JavaScript) option. But either way, it is going to take a lot of trial-and-error.

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