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Can I Set Up Different Photo Libraries With iPhoto?

Hi Gary, you can configure different libraries of photographs to be used by iPhoto, for example, a Time Capsule and the other on the hard disk of your Mac.
We appreciate your help
nelson da silva

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    10 years ago

    Wen you start up iPhoto with the Option key held down you get the choice to select a different photo library or start a new one.
    But, there are several problems, particularly with some of the things you mentioned.
    First, don’t put something on your Time Capsule drive other than your Time Machine backups. It is important for Time Machine that it have the entire drive. If you start putting other things on there it will hamper its ability to manage that drive and keep your backups stable.
    Not to mention the fact that if you put photos on your backup drive, then you really have no backup of those photos, right? (They are on the same drive) And backing up photos may be the most important thing that Time Machine does.
    So if you want a photo library on any external drive you should put it on one that is NOT your Time Capsule drive. Perhaps an external drive hooked directly to your Mac via USB. Or, maybe one hooked to the Time Capsule as a second drive and available over your network.
    Second, putting an iPhoto library on network drives drive can cause speed issues. iPhoto is already pretty slow when you have more than a handful of photos. It is probably just the nature of handling lots of large files like photos. iPhoto libraries on network drives can be extremely slow and painful to deal with. Network access speed is so much slower than local (internal or external drives) speed. Viewing, opening and working with photos can be very slow.

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