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Can I Sort a Table By the Number Of Checkboxes Checked?

Is there a way to organize columns based on how many cell in the column are true? i take attendance and some people dont show after signing up for the class but they are in the front of the table. instead of me have to select the column and do it myself i want to organize based on who shows up the most.

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Austin Smith

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    2 years ago

    So to count checkboxes, use COUNTIF.

    What I'm unclear about here is what are rows and what are columns. If each column is a student, then we have a problem as you can't sort columns. If each row is a student and each column is a date, then we can do this. So I'll assume the latter. If not, you can always go to Table, Transpose Rows and Columns to switch them.

    Then I would assume your first header column is the name of the student. Add a second header column and make that "days" or something. So A2 is the first name, B2 is now blank, and C2 and on are the checkboxes for each day.

    In cell B2, put =COUNTIF( and then click on the row number to the left, and then , "=1"). Now you should have the total number of checkboxes for row 2 in cell B2. Copy and paste B2 into all cells in column B. Then sort by column B.

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