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Can I Sync Photos and Music To iPad2 From Different Computers?

I am considering buying an iPad2. One of the things I would like to do is sync a music library to the iPad. Another thing I would like to do is sync some photos from an iPhoto library to the iPad. The issue is that the content is in two libraries, and I would like to know if there is a way to do this. On my Mac is my music library (in iTunes) and a family photo library (in iPhoto). I would like to put some of these photos onto the iPad. My wife’s music library is in iTunes on a PC. I would like to put this music onto the iPad. Is there a way?
Simon Hill

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    7 years ago

    The way to do this is to NOT “sync” music. You see, “sync” means “synchronize” which means you are putting the same music on both your Mac and your iPad. You can choose to only synchronize some of your music collection, but once you “synchronize” then your iPad is tied to your iTunes music collection on the Mac and you can’t synchronize with another.
    Think about it: If you have clock A that says it is 7:30 and clock B that says it is 7:35 and you want to synchronize your watch to both clocks — what does that mean?
    But that is all semantics. What you care about is putting music from two iTunes libraries onto one iPad.
    So connect your iPad to its primary iTunes library (say, your Mac). In the iTunes “Summary” screen for that iPad set it to “Manually manage music and videos” under Options. Make sure you are not using the iTunes Match service, of course, or this won’t be an option.
    This should turn off “Sync Music” on the “Music” screen. Leave it off.
    Now you can go to your Music library in iTunes (your Mac’s library, not the Music on your iPad) and drag and drop songs, albums, artists and playlists from the library on to your iPad listed in the left sidebar.
    Then unplug the iPad from the Mac. Plug it into the second computer. Launch iTunes. The iPad should appear and it should have “Manually manage music and videos” check in options.
    You can now drag songs from this library to your iPad and they will copy there. The existing songs won’t be deleted.
    On either machine you can select the iPad on the left, look at the subheadings and select Music to see what is actually on the iPad. You can then select and delete music to remove tracks.
    So by doing this you are foregoing all of the syncing functions, because you are putting yourself in charge of exactly what is on the iPad. So if you are used to getting new music and having it automatically transfer to your iPad the next time you sync, you’ll have to change your habits to copy that new music manually to the iPad.

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