Forum Question: Can I Upgrade To Lion From Leopard Via Timecapsule ?

I have two Macs (MacBook air and MacBook Pro (both purchased around 2009). My MacBook air was up-to-date with Lion and regular time Machine backups. My MacBook Pro was lying unused with Leopard (10.5.8).
Now, unfortunately, my MacBook air has died. Luckily all my data is safe on the Time Capsule. I will have to start using my MacBook Pro and am hoping I can bring it up-to-date with my data, settings and OS.
I am getting all confused on the best way to do this.
Pl help.
narendra ghate

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    10/16/11 @ 1:34 pm

    Not sure. I don’t know if it will allow you to do it that way. You may need to update your MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard first, then Lion. You’d have to pay for Snow Leopard unless you already have an upgrade disc. But you wouldn’t have to play for Lion.
    Then recover using Time Machine, or better yet migration assistant. That way would definitely work as you can imagine.
    But you can always try to use Migration Assistant to see if it works. Especially if you are not using the MacBook Pro for anything right now.

    10/16/11 @ 4:23 pm

    Make a lion restore and u good to go!

      10/16/11 @ 4:24 pm

      Restore DVD

    Narendra Ghate
    10/17/11 @ 7:17 am

    Hi, Edward : what’s a lion restore ?

    Gary, thanx I will try a migration assistant from leopard as u suggest. In case it does not work I will do the snow leopard step, but wouldn’t I have to pay for lion again?

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