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Can I Upload Keepsakes To Facebook?

I’ve created a keepsake in iPhoto09. I want to upload it to FB, but I wasn’t able to due to copyright issue (theme song). I can save it as pdf, but it’s huge! Too big to email to my family and friends. Tried saving it as jpeg, but it would only save the first page. How can I upload these photos on FB?

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    12 years ago

    So it sounds like you are talking about two different Keepsakes. The first would be a video (slideshow) if you are trying to upload it to Facebook with music. If you have used copyrighted music in it, then Facebook of course may not let you publish that. You can still share it with friends using a more private service (your own server, for instance).
    Or, maybe consider taking that song out. Use some of the canned "jingles" that come with iLife.
    Why not upload the photos one-by-one to Facebook as a gallery of images? That's the most obvious way. iPhoto 09 had some ability to do that, if I remember correctly. iPhoto 11 has much improved Facebook integration that makes that relatively easy (so you may want to consider upgrading).
    Using Facebook's regular photo galleries also gives you all the features that come with it -- tagging and commenting on individual photos, which can be fun and add value to what you are doing.

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