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Can I Use AirPods Pro As a Microphone With Quicktime?

I want to buy the AirPods Pro, but I first want to know the following: Can I use them as a microphone when I record a video on quicktime player? Is the quality of the microphone good enough for video recording? Can I take the airpod and attached it for example to my top button of my shirt and do a video recording like that? Can I turn the earphone off but keep the microphone on in order not to make a circle recording when it is attached to the top button of my shirt? Whould you rather recomend to use a different microphone for recording videos than the airpod pro.

I want to use the airpods as a microphone so that I can stand a little bit futher from my mac or iphone and not being bound by a wire. At the moment I use the wired apple earbuds. I thought may be I can get the best of bouth worlds, recording videos and using the airpods for listening to music etc.

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    2 years ago

    Yes. AirPods have microphones in them. You can use them for phone calls, online meetings, recording videos, or anything else.

    However, AirPods need to be in your ears for this to work. They won't be "on" unless they are in your ears. They are designed for that. So the microphone is designed to work from that location.

    I think they sounds pretty decent. I've been on many many online meetings where others have been talking on AirPods and they sound good. I've done it myself a few times.

    If you are looking for the very best quality, then you want to get a pro microphone ($200 or so) and have it close to your mouth like you see them do in podcasts, on a boom arm. So it all depends on what you really want and your budget.

    I wouldn't buy AirPods to just do this. AirPods are great because of all of the things they do, being wireless light amazing-sounding earphones. The Pros are amazing at noise cancellation and the transparency mode, as well as spacial audio. The mics are fine for most people for most things. But if you want top quality audio, you can't beat a pro mic on a boom arm right in front of your mouth.

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