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Can I Use Google Photo’s Instead Of iCloud If I Download Mac OS Sierra?

Right now I am using El Capitan and am thinking about downloading Mac OS Sierra. I prefer Google Photo’s to store my photos (over 11,000) as opposed to iCloud. I already pay for the extra 50GB per month, but google is free. If I download Mac OS sierra, is it mandatory that I use iCloud? IF I can use google photo, could you provide instruction?? Thank you so much.
Mary L.

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    8 years ago

    Of course it is not mandatory that you use iCloud. Though it seems you are only talking about the iCloud Photo Library, right? Either way, every part of iCloud is optional, just as every part of macOS is -- you don't need to use Apple's browser, Mail app, anything, really. No one is going to force you to use iCloud Photo Library.
    As for instruction, I'm not sure what you mean. So you aren't using Google Photos yet? If so, I can't really help since I don't use it myself.

    Mary Lukes
    8 years ago

    Yes, I do currently have Google Photos installed. I also have some photos in iCloud Photo Library, but I would only like them to be in Google Photos on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. I guess that's where I was asking for instruction. I do understand if you are unable provide that info. Thanks.

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