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Can I Use iMovie 9 Libraries in iMovie 10?

I am still running 10.9.5. My question is I have numerous external hard drives with video I imported using iMovie 9. If I were to start using iMovie 10, will I have to make a new library? Would I still be able to use iMovie 9?

Thank you
John Santini

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    4 years ago

    You can import those libraries into iMovie 10, yes. In addition, you can keep both iMovie 9 and iMovie version 10 on your Mac at the same time. Downloading iMovie 10 does not force you to delete iMovie 9. So you can continue to use the old version if for some reason you want to access one of the old projects.
    With macOS 10.12 out today, you are falling quite behind if you are sticking with 10.9.

    John Santini
    3 years ago

    When I import the libraries from iMovie 9 into iMovie 10, a new library will be created. So if I have a 2TB hard drive with iMovie 9 events, I would need a 2TB hard drive for the new iMovie 10 events library which will be created upon import?

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