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Can I Use Keynote Media Browser If I Don’t Use Photos App?

I’m a professional photographer and I don’t use Photos app (and I never will!). I’m a big fan of Keynote but I find it very frustrating that Apple won’t let me use the Media Browser to get to my photos in the Finder.

In iWork 09, we used to be able to drag any folder from the Finder in the Media Browser, but I can’t get that to work in Keynote 7.

Does anybody know of a workaround for this?

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    4 years ago

    The whole idea of the media browser is to be able to get to the pictures inside the Photos app because you can’t easily find them in the Finder. And even if you could, you couldn’t find them the way most people want, like by album for instance.
    If the pictures you want are already in the Finder, then just use the Finder to get to the files and drag and drop them into Keynote. I don’t think you can get much easier than that. Why hunt for the photos in a list if you are already familiar with your own Finder folder organization?

    4 years ago

    That’s what I’m doing now. But when working on a presentation containing a few hundred photos, with Keynote in full screen, being able to access images in the Media Browser would save me from having to move windows around, which I find distracting and time consuming. Accessing the Media Browser is one easy click. Anyway, I thought you might have a solution. Thanks!

    4 years ago

    This is probably a task where full screen doesn’t work so well then. Just adjust the windows to make Keynote take up most of the screen, and a Finder window in another portion.
    Or, use placeholder images (copy and paste if you want) and then replace the images in the placeholders as needed. The “Replace” button can act as a sort of media browser if you set it up right. You can Control+click an image to select Replace as well if something else is in the sidebar.

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