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Can I Use Mail Rules To Eliminate One-worded Sender?

I get a lot of spam and I notice many from Bill, Fred, Edwin, Betty, etc. I’ve researched and Hasselblad is the only one-worded name that’s legit. I want to eliminate (delete) names that have one word.

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    11 months ago

    I don’t see any way to do that with either Mac Mail rules or iCloud Mail rules. Off the top of my head I don’t think that you could do it with Gmail “filters” either.

    But I don’t see it as a good idea anyway. As you noted, you already get some email from one sender with a one-word name. What if tomorrow you end up getting an email from an important source for the first time and it happens to be a one-word name? Maybe you make a reservation at a hotel or get a message from a doctor’s office? This just doesn’t sound like a good criteria to base anti-spam measures on.

    Instead, I would rely on server-side anti-spam filters, which use servers, IP addresses, reverse-IP lookups and look for mass emails that go out to many users. iCloud and Gmail do this. As I recommend to everyone, people should ditch ISP-based email or their own personal server and go with one of these two systems. I use both and enjoy getting very little spam, despite my email address being “out there” since way back at the dawn of the Internet.

    John Stires
    11 months ago

    The minute I hit ‘send’ I realized that I have several valid one-named communications, including Apple, duh. Thanks Gary,

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