Forum Question: Can I use the airport express to make the signal stronger

Hi Gary ,
I want to ask you about the airport express.
I’ve got a time capsule and my room is very far from stand between my room and the time capsule there are many walls.
So the Internet signal isn’t strong.I was wandering if I could put a device like the airport express to male the signal stronger.Moreover I want to ask you if the airport express needs cables to be put on it or I can just plug it in the wall and that’s it?
Do you know if I can do it with the airport express or with another device ?(also I have an iPhone 3G and it isn’t even capable to join my network from my room.
Do you have an idea for my problem?

Thanks in advance


— Jim

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    7/7/10 @ 1:04 pm

    Basically, yes. You can add an Express to your network, set it up, and it will replay the signal. See:

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