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Can I Use Universal Control and My iPad/Apple Pencil As a Graphics Pad?

I’m getting a new Mac (Studio) which will give me access to Universal Control. When I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, will I be able to use my iPad and Apple Pencil as a “pad” to select areas in a photo for layering and selection tools? If I need to get a Wacom type pad instead, that’s fine, but I keep thinking using the iPad should be my solution. Thanks for your guidance.

I want to have finer control to select and adjust selection areas around images I want to adjust in my photo. A mouse or a trackpad is awkward and my previous experience with Wacom pads is from years ago and I never found it a satisfying experience. I could also find my self editing with the iPad in other programs like Electric Quilt which is a vector graphics based program and would work well with a selection tool like the iPad/pencil combination…in my imagination. :).

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    2 years ago

    Universal Control isn't the feature for that. It lets you use the same keyboard and pointing device with two or more Macs or an iPad. It doesn't put part of your Mac's screens on your iPad.

    Sidecar is the feature that will do this. Sidecar has been around for a while.

    You can certainly use your iPad as a second screen with Sidecar, then move the Photoshop window to that screen, then use your Apple Pencil to draw in Photoshop.

    If your current Mac and iPad meet the requirements, try Sidecar now.

    I did a video on Sidecar when it came out:

    Chris Bell
    2 years ago

    Thank you Gary!

    Chris Bell
    2 years ago

    I'm sad to say I can't test this out on my current Mac. It's pushing 10 years old. I've waited for the right system to upgrade to and the Studio is it. I thought the 27" iMac I currently own would continue to work for me but my desire to work to learn more photo and video editing has found weaknesses that can only be overcome by a new computer. You've solved a problem I anticipated and I am delighted to not have to clutter my life with another device. You're always very helpful. Quiltist

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