Forum Question: Can w/MobileMe send mail from Gmail using an alias?

I have a MobileMe and a Google Apps gmail account. Via the web interface, I have tied the gmail account to my MobileMe account as an alias. I can send mail from the gmail account via the MobileMe web interface. However, when I go into and try to send from this gmail account, it won’t recognize the server, even though it works fine in the web interface.
Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?
Todd A. Peperkorn

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    1/21/11 @ 11:14 am

    You can’t send email from one account using the SMTP of another. At least, not any SMTP worth anything. Otherwise, it would open the door for spammers to use that SMTP to spam everyone at the expense of the SMTP server.
    So you can’t send email from your Gmail account using the MobileMe SMTP server.
    I didn’t know you could tie another email account on a separate server to your MobileMe account and send mail “as” that account. Are you sure it is sending mail “from” your address? Or, perhaps the “reply-to” is just set as your address?
    The thing to do to solve this would simply be to set up your gmail account in Mail on your Mac, and then send using that account when you are sending from your gmail account — that’s what you want anyway, right? Why the need to go from MobileMe-to-Gmail-to-receipient when you can just go Gmail-to-receipient much more easily?

    Todd A. Peperkorn
    1/21/11 @ 12:38 pm

    Well. In Gmail’s web interface you can assign and get permission to send and receive emails from other accounts (think they have to be IMAP), not simply the -reply-to thingie. It’s a great way to unify all of your email accounts under one umbrella. You can also do this from MobileMe’s web interface.

      1/21/11 @ 12:44 pm

      I guess it just isn’t available when using MobileMe from Mail.

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