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Can My Wife and I Share a Book That She Bought On Line?

My wife and I have different Apple id accounts she bought a book and reads it on her iPad I would like to read that same book on my iPad, is this possible without having to buy the book a second time?
Byron Robinson

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    11 years ago

    Yes. You can use Home Sharing for that. Check out
    That tutorial is about apps, but you can use Home Sharing for music, videos and books too.

    Brian H
    11 years ago

    I just did it another way. I purchased a book from the iBook store and read it. My wife tapped the iBook icon on her iPad and went to the store in the app. She scrolled down to the bottom of the page, selected her iTunes account and signed out. She then signed in with mine. Searched on the book I read, and instead of purchase, the option was to download. Worked fine. She's never purchased a book, don't know how messy that gets if she had.

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