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Can Siri Shortcuts Direct Music Output Via Airplay?

Just got a HomePod! I made a shortcut to play a specific song and added to Siri Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. But regardless of where I initiate the shortcut, I’d like it to play on the HomePod.

Can’t find any such Action.

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    2 years ago

    I don’t think there is a command to set which AirPlay device is active. Until they add that command, there’s no much you can do.

    But if you want to play something over your HomePod, it should be automatic. Just use “Hey Siri” and ask your HomePod. Make sure that Hey Siri is turned on in your HomePod settings and then HomePod gets the priority for “Hey Siri” commands. Then if you ask it to play a song it should work on your HomePod even with your other devices in the room.

    In addition, you should be able to trigger a Shortcut on your HomePod using Hey Siri too. I haven’t played with this yet, but I would assume any Shortcut that then played music would do it over the HomePod.

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