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Can Two Separate Bluetooth Headphones Be Played Simultaneously On iPhone?

I want to connect two separate (and identical) BLUETOOTH headphones to my iPhone. That is very doable, I understand.
But can they both receive the same song simultaneously? Thus allowing two listeners to enjoy the same song or podcast?
Rod Reed

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    5 years ago

    No. At least not with Bluetooth. You can certainly do that with AirPlay devices (speakers), but not Bluetooth.

    The iPhone can only play music to one Bluetooth device at a time. But there are some exceptions. I hear that some manufacturers have their own custom app, and that using that app on your iPhone you may have the option to stream music to two of their branded devices. I've never seen this done, but you may want to look into it. I have a feeling that these are higher-end devices.

    Another option would be a Bluetooth receiver that has two headphone outputs. In that case you would play to that one Bluetooth receiver, and then plug in two wired headphones.

    There are also apps that allow you to stream audio to other phones, so everyone can listen with their own headphones connected to their own phones, but one phone/computer controls the audio. These are pretty high end and DJs would use them to play music to a whole audience listening with their own phones.

    So your best bet to let multiple people enjoy the same audio may be to simply play over the speakers or a speaker-device. Of course that may not be possible in some situations.

    5 years ago

    I have a set of JBL USB headphones... I've never tried it, but recall the instructions saying they have some sort of 'sharing' functionality... probably with other JBL products. (Sorry, but I didn't read about that feature as I had no need.) They have a button marked 'S' I suspect may be involved. I'll hunt down the instructions if anyone is interested.

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