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Can We Use Mac Mail With Gmail Addresses?

Thanks for the quick response! Maybe I should have started with the fact that I’ve only used Mac Mail and nothing else.

We have recently changed internet providers and were told that our email addresses will no longer belong to us and we’d have to make arrangements for new email addresses.

We both had gmail addresses that we have had for a few years, but only used them while traveling abroad, and thought we would start using them.

Can we use the gmail addresses with Mac Mail? If so, how do we make that happen?

If we can use our gmail addresses with Mac Mail then we should be fine once that’s set up.

As you can tell, we’re old dogs trying to learn new tricks but very willing to learn.

We really like Mac Mail and are very comfortable with it and would love to continue using it rather than trying to start from scratch with Gmail. So if Mac Mail is an option with Gmail we’re in.

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    2 years ago

    Yes. You can use pretty much any email service with Mail. Mac Mail is just an app on your Mac. The services, like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc) are what Mail connects to. Just like a web browser is just a browser and it connects to websites.

    Just create a new account, by going to Mail, Accounts (or in System Preferences) and add your Google account. Then you can access your email in the Mail app. You can even access Google calendars, contacts and reminders in Mac apps too, if you like.

    2 years ago

    That’s what I finally discovered and set up the new email. Thanks again for your help. Whether watching your videos or getting answers here you are an excellent resource for information.

    Timothy Grandberry Sr.
    1 year ago

    How can I make a smart folder for today's email and not show trash or archive emails in it?

    1 year ago

    Timothy: Lots of ways. How about make it "Message is in mailbox" "Inboxes" and then "Date Received" is "Today."

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