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Can You Forward Delete and Undo on the iPad Keyboard?

When using the keyboard that exists on my iPad, I can use the x to delete backwards. Is there any way to delete forwards? Also, sometime whole lines get erased and there are no Control Keys, so I can’t Control Z the erased information back on to my page. Suggestions? I would send you a photo of the keyboard I’m using but I don’t know how!

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    4 years ago

    So there is no way to forward delete on the iPad keyboard. At least not the standard one. There are third-party keyboard you can get in the App Store, but I’m not aware of any with a forward delete. You could try searching for one, though I’m not sure if it is critical enough of a thing to make you go with a whole other keyboard that may have other differences as well.
    As for Undo, you can do that various ways depend on which app you are using. For instance with the latest Pages in iOS 9, you can tap the .?123 key and then there is an Undo key available. In Mail, you’ve got an undo key at the top left of the main keyboard. It looks like a U-shaped arrow on its side. If you don’t see it, but instead see a thick line at the top of the keyboard with a short white line in the middle, then drag that short white line up to reveal the keyboard tools. It can be tricky to drag. But the Undo button also appears after you press the ?.123 key like in Pages.
    In addition, you can also undo typing just like you could with the last several versions of iOS by shaking your iPad. Then you get a “Undo” confirmation dialog.

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