Forum Question: Can You Only Screen Share With Macs Using the Same Apple ID?

Is it possible to set up Screen Sharing between any Macs, or can it only be done between Macs using the same Apple ID?

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    10/17/11 @ 7:29 pm

    Screen Sharing has nothing to do with Apple IDs. You can screen share with any other Mac as long as you have access to it (IP address, no firewall block) and know the password or user account ID and password.
    Perhaps you are thinking about “Back to My Mac?” That’s a service that allows you to connect to your Mac easily from a remote location, often for screen sharing. The “My” is the key word here. If you have a laptop and a desktop like me, Back To My Mac allows you to do it without worrying about the exact IP address.

    5/12/12 @ 7:03 pm

    If I have the IP address to my in-laws mini and file and screen sharing is turned on and firewall allows screen sharing (incoming allowed) could I connect to help them.
    They are both in there 90’s and sometimes have trouble just connecting with Ichat.

    Thanks in advance. Stan

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