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Can you sync an Iphoto album/event to a folder?

I have a sub-folder under Pictures which has some random snaps I keep clicking with my phone or people send me via email. I imported it into Iphoto last month and this month I had some new pics in it so re-imported but it created a new event an I had to merge and deleted duplicates.
Is there a way to sync and Event or Album with a folder on the HD so that new pics can just be updated and copied?
Thanks, Gary. Sorry I flood you with a tonne of questions, but every now and then a macmost videocast gets me experimenting and discovering new hurdles:)

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    9 years ago

    Instead of saving the pictures to a folder, just save them directly into iPhoto. Just avoid that extra step. Or, once you bring them into iPhoto, just delete them s the next time you bring in some more you don’t have duplicates.

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