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Can You Tell Us About Your First Mac Experience?

I hope this isn’t outside the boundaries of what’s allowed in the forum, but I know what it was like for me personally switching to Mac back in 2001, having never used a Mac, having no Mac friends, and having only ever seen one Mac one time. It was quite an experience.

What about you? Have you been Mac from the start? What was your first Mac and what kind of experience was that? With all the attention on who Steve Jobs is, I thought it might be good timing for us to get a glimpse into Gary. :-)

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    4 years ago

    My first computer was a TRS-80 model III I got in 1982 as a kid. I learned to program on that. But I used the Apple II in school and got an Apple IIe for home in 1985. In 1987 I started at Drexel University which required that all students buy a Mac. I got a Mac SE: all-in-one, two floppies, no hard drive, 512×384 monochrome screen. That was my computer for 5 years.
    I used it in college to learn more programming, write and I also did a lot of desktop publishing. Amazing to think of all of the work I got done on that tiny screen. I eventually added a hard drive (20MB!).
    Things were different for me because everyone at Drexel had a Mac and they were all over campus. We even got some homework assignments by taking a floppy to set of Macs on campus with a shared hard drive, inserting the floppy, and copying files from a folder with our class name on it. Could you imagine if malware existed back then?

    Cameron Price
    4 years ago

    Wow, you truly are a Mac sensei!

    And the malware thing, yeah.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Eric Oller
    4 years ago

    I had a friend who had an apple 2 which I tried to learn but was always frustrated with the commands necessary to do basic functions. When the advertisements for the first Mac begin running I told my wife, ” they finally have made a computer for me “I had to drive from Birmingham to Huntsville to pick mine up the week the Mac came out 32 yrs ago in 1984. it had 128 k memory and came loaded with McWrite and Mcpaint.I still have it upstairs in it’s original box. I have had a mac every since.

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