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Can You Use Apple Music With a DJ App?

I am a music DJ and wanted to know how I could use Apple Music with one of the virtual DJ apps or what software will work with Apple Music?

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    8 years ago

    It probably depends. I just tried downloading the top two DJ apps and neither would play a song that was purely an Apple Music song, even one that I had downloaded locally to my iPad.
    My guess is because these apps will "edit" the song in certain ways, allowing you to play with the music. And that probably violates the license between Apple and the music labels.
    Perhaps there are other DJ apps that play the music in a more straight-forward way. The Sonos app, which is used to pipe music to a Sonos speaker set, does allow Apple Music songs to stream.
    So I assume there is a line drawn based on whether the song is simply played or altered in some way.
    The only way to know for sure if to keep trying out DJ apps to see which one, if any, work. Maybe just reading the descriptions of hundreds of these apps would turn up one that does what you need.

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