Forum Question: Can You Use Placeholders In Pages Word Processing?

I want to create a contract with a placeholder for {date} and {name}. I plan on creating a word processing template and when I open it there would be placeholders for these fields.
John Scibal

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    5/5/17 @ 9:03 am

    Yes. This is done throughout the Pages templates you see when you start a new document.
    To make your own, simply select any text that is meant to be a placeholder, and choose Format, Advanced, Define as Placeholder Text.

    John Scibal
    5/5/17 @ 11:26 am

    When I open the template document it opens up to “untitled 1” and allows me to create the placeholder text. Then what? Do I need to save as a template again and overwrite the original template?

    5/5/17 @ 11:49 am

    John: Then it is up to you. You can save the document and use it the next time, filling in the placeholder. Or, you can save it and every time you want to use it, make a copy of the file and use the copy. Or, you can set the file to Locked or Stationary Pad in the Finder to force yourself to create a new file each time. Or, you can use the Save as Template function in Pages to place this into the template list.

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