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Can’t Figure Out Location Based Reminders, Any Help?

Lets say I want to be reminded by my iPhone 4S to pick up milk when I am nearing a grocery store or to be reminded to get one dollar bills when I’m near a strip club. How do I set this up? Gary, MacMost has been my favorite website since I got my iPad 2. Your podcasts are inspired.

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    12 years ago

    So start by going into the Reminders app. Add a reminder just like you would any "to do" item. When you have entered the text, select the item. Then tap the "Remind Me" button. Turn on "At a Location" and it should start with your current location. Tap on that to change the location. You can choose your current location, work, home, or "choose an address" and choose a contact.
    So you'll need to add your favorite strip clubs to your contacts list. :)
    You can do most of this through Siri, BTW, but I think it only understands "here," "work," and "home."

    12 years ago

    Thanks Gary. By the way, I changed the voice of Siri to the Aussie woman and I felt like I was cheating on my girlfriend!

    12 years ago

    If you have a girlfriend, what are you doing needing $1 bills at a strip club? Last time a friend told me, most strip clubs can make change for any-size $bills you have. :>)

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